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How do I reset my password?

Your password can be reset through the web portal located at https://portal.swaymedical.com/account/forgot. You can also reset your password from the Sway App by clicking on "Forgot Password" and entering your email address.

How can I view tutorials?

Tutorials are accessible through the Sway application on your mobile device by choosing the “Help” section from the tab in the upper left hand corner. You can also access training materials on our YouTube channel at youtube.com/sway. If the tutorials do not answer your questions, please feel free to contact us via email and a customer support representative will respond within 24 business day hours.

Can I group the profiles into categories (i.e. by sport)?

The grouping feature is a great way to organize profiles and keep track of multi-level user access. You can label groups by any preferred naming structure including sport, team name, or organization. Administrators can also control which groups users can access.

How do I add users?

Additional Users can be added by Administrator(s) of the Sway system through the Sway Portal.

What are the standards for balance measurement using Sway?

Currently, Sway’s balance test is designed for comparison between an individual’s established baseline score and his or her current score. A medical professional can then analyze the deviation between scores to determine appropriate action. Sway is intended to serve as an objective measurement of balance, not as a diagnostic or determinant of any specific medical condition.

Can I check to make sure my device is working properly?

You can make sure your device is working correctly by logging into the Sway application and clicking the more menu, then selecting “hardware verification”. A hardware verification test will determine if your device is accurately measuring accelerometer data.

Profiles added or removed from a group don’t show up in the Sway app.

If changes do not take place immediately you can sync your device. Go to More > Sync Options > Sync Now. New changes will display after syncing completes. If the problem is not solved with synchronization, log in to the web portal and make sure the profile is in an active group.

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