Get started using Sway.

Jump start your use of Sway with these tutorial videos on baseline testing and how to utilize the platform.

Baseline Testing

Total Length: 20 minutes
Target Audience: Athletic Trainers and Clinicians administering Baseline Sessions
Structure: The series is divided into two sections, Preparation and Execution. Preparation covers tasks to complete prior to the baseline session, while Execution covers the process of executing the baseline session.


Lesson 1: Planning the Baseline Session
Nailing down the time and place of your baseline.
Lesson 2: Creating a Group
Groups allow you to organize your athletes, and can only be created in the web portal.
Lesson 3: Creating a Group Code
Codes allow athletes to create their profile and take their baseline assessment from their own device. Create the code in either the Web Portal or the Mobile App.
Lesson 4: Preparing the Athletes
How to prepare your athletes for the baseline session in advance.


Lesson 5: Instructions to Athletes
Break down why baseline testing is important and what the process looks like.
Lesson 6: Managing the Baseline Session
Learn how to manage the baseline session through the mobile app.
Lesson 7: Interpreting & Editing Results
How to interpret results and what to do when athlete’s have inconsistent baseline scores.

Tutorial Videos