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Remote Testing

Codes allow individuals to access the testing modules of the Sway platform without having to log in.

Results sync immediately
Remote Baseline Testing
Telehealth Assessments
Daily symptom screenings
Sway protocol checklist finished on athlete's phone
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Stacey Ritter, MS, ATC

Owner, Concussion Navigation Services

"My favorite thing about Sway is being able to do tele-health. I can send a code to my athletes or patients that are out of the area. I can observe them on a tele-health call as they take Sway, so I can help and give them instructions in real time, as well as see their results popping up in real time as soon as they're done."
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Codes can be created for individuals or groups, and give individuals the ability to access the testing module of the Sway mobile application without requiring login credentials.

Remote Symptoms Tracking

Create a code for your athletes to take the symptoms surveys remotely throughout the Return-to-Learn and Return-to-Play processes.

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