We are Sway.

We are scientists, healthcare providers, mobile sensor experts, and problem solvers focused on bringing cutting edge technology to sports medicine.

Core Values


Science Matters.

You can’t manipulate the science or draw conclusions that aren’t real. At Sway we don’t control the outcomes of our research. We only do third party research with no kill clauses.


We Know Mobile Sensors.

No one knows mobile sensor technology like the team at Sway. We have innovated like no other company on the planet at turning mobile devices into medical assessments.


Accessibility is our Superpower.

Achieve 90% accuracy of a lab-grade tool, but with the accessibility of mobile device. Screening tools that provide objectivity in any setting are incredibly valuable.


Partner with our Customers.

Sway is known for our world-class customer experience. We strive for every customer to be blown away by the experience of partnering with us.

Our Story

Sway was founded by a group of athletes and sports enthusiasts with a goal to improve athlete healthcare management through more accessible means. The problem within sports was clear, far too many injuries went unnoticed and untreated. From youth sports and high schools, to colleges, club sports, and professional teams. Athletic trainers for these organizations didn’t have the tools to quickly identify, track and treat injuries in a cost effective, efficient, and comprehensive way. Sway set its early sights to solve this pervasive problem in a simple, yet powerful way; use the mobile devices that athletic trainers and athletes already own for baseline testing, sideline assessments, and the return-to-play process through an ever-growing battery of balance, cognitive, and functional assessments. Our simple, easy and accessible mobile tests has been administered over 3 million times and objectively identified thousands of injuries that could have gone untreated. The use case of Sway's assessments doesn’t stop with athletes. The company now continues to evolve its platform and technology to be applied in a variety of healthcare settings in need of accessible and easy-to-use, balance, cognitive, and functional assessment tools.

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Our Team

Alex Pettigrew
Casey Paulk, MS, LAT, ATC
Sales Executive
Doug Tauchen
Sales Executive
Brittany Gustafson, MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS
Customer Success Specialist
Sarah Goins
Customer Operations Specialist
Henry Weber
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist
Kim Wyand, PT, DPT
Customer Experience Lead
Chase Curtiss
Gaurav Kakhandki
Sales Development Representative
Jen Chikar, PhD
Director of Research
Michael Naizer
Lead Developer (Back-End)
Tim Calnan
QA Lead
Hoa Nguyen
Data & Research
Jordan Beacham