Research Study

The Use of the Sway Medical Mobile Application in Concussion Management

Chikar, J., & Curtiss, C.
Study 1: Sway and ImPACT Athletic organizations that routinely administer both ImPACT and Sway provided data for athletes who sustained a sports - related concussion between Nov 2020 and Oct 2022. Concussions were confirmed by each organization’s standard concussion protocol. Inclusion Criteria • Pre - season Sway baseline testing (Balance, Simple Reaction Time, Impulse Control, Inspection Time, Memory) • Pre - season ImPACT baseline testing (Verbal Memory Composite Score, Visual Memory Composite Score, Visual Motor Speed Composite Scores, Reaction Time Composite) • Post - injury Sway testing (same tests as above) within 72 hrs of injury • Post - injury ImPACT testing (same tests as above ), typically taken within a week of injury Study 2: Baseline Pre - Injury/Post - Injury Sway Testing For a separate analysis, the Sway database was searched for user profiles identified within the app as sustaining a concussion. When an injury is indicated in the app, users are asked to identify the type of injury, with choices that include “Suspected Concussion”, “Clinically Diagnosed Concussion”, “Not Specified”, “Lower Extremity Injury”, and “Fall”. Inclusion Criteria • Clinically Diagnosed Concussion label • Pre - injury baseline testing • Post - injury testing within 72 hrs of injury Concussion Group Classification Score changes (i.e., post - injury score – baseline score) that met or exceeded previously established reliable change estimates 2,4,7 were determined for each test within each system . Analysis was based on the first Sway testing session following an injury. Group classification was defined as having one or more post - injury scores reliably worse than baseline
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