Research Study

Reliability of the Sway Balance mobile application: A retrospective analysis

Dunn, K. L., Bay, R. C., Cárdenas, J. F., Anastasi, M., Valovich McLeod, T. C., & Williams, R. M.
Postural control deficits are a key component to injury assessment and, more specifically, following concussion. However, these assessments are often administered in a serial manner to track deficits and recovery, thus the stability or test-retest reliability of these measures is important. With the advent of mobile applications to assess postural control, it is important to evaluate the reliability of these tools; therefore our purpose was to estimate reliability for the Sway Balance™ mobile application, a portable device for postural control assessment. Postural control assessment of males between ages 7–22 showed good-to-excellent reliability in the overall composite score of the Sway Balance™. Sway Balance™ is a reliable tool for measuring postural control.
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