Research Study

Comparison of BESS, Biodex Balance System SD, and Sway Balance App

Kevin M. Swartz, ATC, Jordan T. Eshbaugh, ACT, & Schott L. Bruce, EdD, ATC
A correlation study comparing SBA to BESS has been done, but not for comparing SBA to BBS. Pearson r for SBA to BESS (r = – 0.787, p < 0.01). No correlational studies comparing BESS to BBS were found in the literature. A pair of concurrent validity studies comparing SBA to BBS have been done, but no validity studies for SBA & BESS. No statistical difference between the SBA & BBS devices on a firm surface ( p > 0.05) indicating validity. Statistical difference found standing on a foam surface (p < 0.05). No statistical difference using a single leg stance among SBA & BBS devices ( p = 0.818) 4 indicating validity. The purpose of our study was to determine if a relationship exists between BESS, BBS, and SBA.
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