Research Study

Balance Performance in Collegiate Athletes: A Comparison of Balance Error Scoring System Measures

Nicole C. Dabbs, Nicole M. Sauls, Alice Zayer & Harish Chander
The assessment of balance among athletes is essential for training, prevention and rehabilitation of injuries resulting from postural instability. The purpose of the investigation was to validate the Sway Medical Balance Application (SMBA) against the Biodex Balance System (BBS)during the Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) protocol. One hundred and eighty-four Division-IImale and female athletes from different sporting disciplines were evaluated using SMBA and BBSwhile performing all five testing conditions of the BESS. Pearson’s correlations were used to determine the relationship between the two systems during each of the five conditions and an overall score. The significant relationship and very high correlation between the two systems validates the SMBA as a valid tool that can be used to assess balance in a time- and cost-effective manner in any setting with ease.
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