Sway Medical partners with Sport Science Center at TCU to further concussion and sports performance research

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FORT WORTH, Texas, Feb. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/

Sway Medical (swaymedical.com) today announced a multi-year partnership supporting research at TCU's newly formed Sport Science Center. Sway is providing a three-year financial commitment to the Sport Science Center with an unrestricted recurring grant to the program.

The Sport Science Center, led by Dr. Jonathan Oliver, is part of the Health Innovation Institute at TCU (HIIAT) in the Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences. The mission of the Sport Science Center is to bring science and practice together to improve sport performance and athlete health from the laboratory to the playing field, and from the playing field to the laboratory.

Sway Medical provides clinically validated mobile neurological assessment software used by medical professionals in their concussion management programs. The Sway Balance System is FDA cleared for use by doctors and athletic trainers in their sideline concussion assessment and return to play decisions.  Sway's technologies are in use today at all levels of sports – professional, college, high school and youth and Sway is actively expanding its research and development partnerships.

"We are excited to be affiliated with TCU and to be an early supporter of the Sport Science Center," said Sway CEO Alem Boukadoum. "As a mobile medical device company, Sway is research driven and we want to be good community partners supporting growth of research institutions here in North Texas.  With Dr. Oliver's longstanding focus on concussion research, we believe this relationship will support our core mission of improving outcomes."

"We very much appreciate Sway's support of the Sport Science Center and what it means for our ongoing research," said Dr. Oliver. "The support provided by Sway will not only be used to help further our understanding of sports-related head trauma but will also be instrumental to the students within the Center, by directly supporting their ongoing research and education."

About Sway

Sway is an innovative software company using mobile technology to improve outcomes. Sway's core product is a mobile medical device supporting concussion management with objective measures to revolutionize the way athletes and patients are monitored for signs of neurological and vestibular dysfunction. Using Sway's FDA cleared balance system and its motion reaction time test, health care professionals can quickly analyze impairment. Sway's technologies are also being introduced to address fall risk in the elderly and to determine fitness for duty or service in the work environment. The Sway Balance System is FDA cleared, Health Canada licensed and has been granted CE Marking in the EU and Australia.

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