Original Press Release

Published by The X League - (LAS VEGAS, NV. – June 24, 2021)

Extreme Football League (X League) officials have teamed with a leading sports technology partner, Sway Medical as its official technology partner aiding in the diagnosis of head injuries.

Sway Medical and its Sway System combines objective balance and cognitive measures that will support X League team medical staffs in performing accurate and informed evaluations of head injuries. The Sway platform is an all-in-one accessible mobile solution to collect rapid objective data. The Sway System includes Sway pioneered Balance Testing with its patented technology allowing medical professionals to administer a medical-grade balance test in virtually any setting, Cognitive Testing with quick and easy tests of visual processing, reaction time, and memory, Symptom Tracking allows for a record of reported symptoms on the sideline using a (22) standard symptoms checklist with time-stamped entries using a 6-point subject scale, Baseline Testing allows for baseline sessions and baseline resets features, Quality Software that meets HIPAA and FERPA privacy standards, and Reports that provide in-depth reporting with dynamic digitally printed reports for each athlete.

“Unfortunately, injuries are part of football, and certainly head injuries are a primary concern for any full-contact sport. The X League is building a comprehensive medical support system for its athletes which will include our technology at Sway leading the way, insuring accurate, real-time diagnosis of any athlete suspected of sustaining a head injury”, said Chase Curtiss, CEO, Sway Medical.

Sway Medical will be working closely with X League’s medical group partners around the country in advance of each X League season holding a symposium with each team and its associated athletes as well as training X League medical staff on its technology.

“The X League will feature some of the world’s greatest athletes who will be competing at the highest level, we as a league and our teams are committed to supporting our athletes with preventative measures as it relates to injuries as well as diagnosis and treatment. Our partnership with Sway Medical speaks to our commitment to our athletes and their health and safety”, said Mike Ditka, Chairman, Extreme Football League, LLC.

Sway Medical will be the exclusive and official technology partner aiding the diagnosis of head injuries kicking off with the Summer 2022 inaugural season of the X League through the 2025 season.