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Sway is an innovative software company focused on reinventing the way medical outcomes are measured.

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Our Vision

Sway’s vision is to deliver accessible and actionable insights that improve overall human health. We do this by developing next generation medical-grade mobile solutions. Simply put, we make proven medical hardware mobile and easy-to-use. Sway has established itself as a valid and reliable balance and cognitive assessment technology for baseline testing, sideline assessment, and post-injury evaluation of traumatic head injuries. Our tests have and continue to provide athletic trainers and medical providers with accurate, research-backed technology that assists them in dramatically improving athlete and patient outcomes.

Sway is now focused on deploying its innovative platform to aid in the early detection of neurological conditions like mild cognitive impairment, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy-body dementia, and Parkinson’s disease. To achieve this goal, we will expand the availability of dependable medical equipment by leveraging the devices providers and their patients already own. These mobile solutions will enable the earliest detection of various neurological conditions, allowing providers to take a proactive approach to medical care and treatment. Sway data will also allow researchers to better understand, treat, and explore cures for these chronic diseases and improve the lives of millions.

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