Athletic Trainers and Clinicians can see in-depth, objective data analytics of each profile's tests. Data Reports now include indications of testing variability, comparisons to normative data, trends overtime, history, and the ability to download a PDF clinical report of the profile's data.

Clinical Report Download

Sway's new clinical report makes it easy to securely share HIPAA compliant medical information with other clinicians in your network. We added the ability to download and share the password-protected report right from your mobile device.

Download a sample clinical report
Sway Medical Validation

Extended Normative Data

One of our most significant new features is the addition of normative data to the profile results. View and click on the grey and dark grey bar that indicates the normative data range for the age and sex of each of your athletes.

Sway Medical Impulse Control

Baselines Results

View the baseline tab of an individual profile to see the calculated baseline average.

Sway Medical Reaction Time

In-Depth Baseline Session Data

In addition to the average baseline test scores, Clinicians can also see the score range and percentile rank. Click the dropdown arrow to see how each athlete scored on the individual test.

Sway Medical Memory Testing

Testing Variability

Assess the profiles testing variability or confidence interval by looking at the colored bars. Green indicates that the athlete’s tests had a higher consistency and red indicates that the athlete’s tests had a lower consistency and a retake might be recommended.

Sway Medical Inspection Time

Historical Charts

View data analytics in a chart format to easily compare to previous baseline and event tests.

Sway Medical Technology Accuracy

Profile Trend

Quickly understand a profile's performance over time with individual charts for each test and protocol. See each profile's variability in their results and make educated decisions on an athlete's return to play when a sudden drop in the performance trend happens.

Sway Medical Validation